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Orient Classic Automatic CFDOE003W

Orient has a number of nice classic
automatic models that they offer in Japan. They are known to collectors
as Japan domestic models (JDM) and are made in Japan with very good

Besides the JDM’s, Orient offers a
wide selection of watches in the international market and some of them
are pretty well made and certainly worth looking at.

Click on the image to see full size picture


This time round I had the
opportunity to handle a recent Classic Automatic in the international
lineup, the model number is CFDOE003W (shown above).

I first saw the watch in April 2009 among a heap of new arrivals at Big Time.
The design of the watch instantly reminded me of the Orient Star,
WZ0141FD due to the position of the crown, date window and the power
reserve indicator. The CFDOE**** series is like the international
equivalent of the WZ0141FD series.

Below is a picture of the WZ0141FD for your reference.


Besides the crown, date window and
power reserve indicator mentioned earlier, another similarity between
the two watches is that they both have textured dial. Below is a
comparison of the dials and as you can see, the dials are textured but
with different texture patterns.



Orient Star WZ1014FD

If you compare the other aspects on the
dial, you will find that the Orient Star is superior to the CFDOE003W.
For example, the Orient Star has applied markers and textured lines on
its power reserve subdial and also sword style hour and minute hands
that have the 3D look. The CFDOE003W does not have that amount of
details but it uses a combination of blue hands, printed Arabic hour
numerals and curved crystal to create a simple but classic look.

Below are the side shots of the
watches. The finishing on the Orient Star is nicely executed and that
of the CFDOE003W is not far behind as you can see.



Orient Star WZ1014FD

That’s all for the comparison. Below are the bracelet and caseback shots of the CFDOE003W.

The CFDOE003W comes with stainless
steel bracelet with folding bucking and push button lock. There is
leather strap version (CFDOE004W) which I plan to pick up in the near


Folded end links for the bracelet.

Here’s a caseback shot.


Here’s a quick review of the WZ0141FD:!3318BA07329CD633!2074.entry


Orient CFDOE003W featured in this post is provided by
Authorized Orient distributor in Singapore:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929


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