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Orient 300m diver – Orange dial

Received my third piece of Orient 300m diver, the Orange dial version (CFD0C001M). This watch has been out of stock for a while and stocks finally arrived at Big Time last week.

I’m already a happy owner of the black and yellow dial versions and this watch is certainly a great addition to the herd.

Included in Big Time’s shipment is the two tone version WZ0261FD. This Orient Star diver is a Japan domestic model which is also supplied to Big Time by the Orient regional office.

Both watches come with a presentation box and a shipping box. Below are the shipping boxes for the Orient 300m and the Orient Star 300m. They are printed with some Japanese Kanji characters and among them are these four characters – "搬送專用" which means "shipping use". Notice that the branding of the box is also different. One of them has the Orient Star brand whereas the other is just Orient.


Here is a quick and dirty cell phone shot of my orange Orient 300m diver. Will post a better picture soon.


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