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Pictures from a reader

I received some pictures from a reader, Lim YP today. Below is what he wrote:

Amazes me that there are so many guys interested in
Seiko watches here in Singapore.
Anyway, I’ve always been interested in Seiko
watches, especially the classic diver watch.
My first watch was casio’s actually, you know, those
small digitals with alarms that was so useful when we enter NS.
After army, I bought my first Seiko, a 200mm quartz
diver. Can’t remember the model no., my son is wearing it now.
I wore that for quite a no of years and I also
bought quite a few of Swatch as well, those ‘lumi’ models mostly.
After that bought my first Seiko Auto, the SKX007J
and just loved it. Next I am looking at the Sumo.

Here’s a Seiko Sealion that he bought from ebay. It was manufactured in his birth year and month (April 1964). 

Here’s a Seiko wall clock at his mum’s house.


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