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What dial color do you prefer?

For sports watches, I prefer black, dark blue, yellow and orange. For dress watches, white is preferred. Here’s why…
I don’t know about other watch manufacturers, but for Seiko, whenever they launch a new dress watch, they usually launch a white dial version and black dial version of the same model. If you observe carefully, the so call "white dial" version is usually not white. It can be silver, champagne, beige, light blue or other light colors. The black dial version on the other hand is always black. I prefer the "white dial" version because of these variations. I get different dial colors as well as dials with texture or sunburst effect, or just plain colored dials. I tend to prefer textured and sunburst dials and I spend more time admiring them than a plain colored dial. This is the fun part of it.
Let me use some recent Seiko dress watches to illustrate.
Model# –
White/Black Dial

Actual Color of
white dial version

Actual Color of
black dial version


Silver / sunburst



Light blue / textured



Beige / textured

Black / textured


Champagne / sunburst






Silver / textured


Another thing I notice is that the "white dial" version is usually featured in the watch ad. 

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2 responses to “What dial color do you prefer?

  1. 家明 27/02/2007 at 10:37 pm

    I used to like watches in lighter dials. Even I\’ve bought some watches in black dials recently, lighter dials will still be my first choice.

  2. Unknown 18/12/2007 at 1:16 pm

    Last white-dialed watch I owned was in 1997, and it was not a purchase.  Preference is black or colored dials (blue, green, yellow, red).

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