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Watch handling: The new Seiko 5 military

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the new Seiko 5 military. This watch was launched a while ago and today, both "J" and "K" versions are available in the local market. Generally, the "K" versions is distributed by the authorized distributor Thong Sia Group while the "J" versions are parallel imported. Below is a cell phone shot showing the two versions. Basically, both watches are the same except the "J" version has "MADE IN JAPAN" printed on its dial.

Watch on the left is the "J" version

The watch measures 41mm across (excluding crown) and is about 12mm thick. Lug width is 22mm and it is powered by the 7S36 movement. The model number of particular variant that I use in this post is SNZG07J (pictured below).

Click on the image to see full size picture

In case you are wondering, the crown of the watch in the picture above is at its "pushed in" position even though it looks like it is pulled out. This design actually makes it easier to pull the crown out.

Here’s a picture of the crown at the "time adjusting" position.

The watch comes in several dial colors namely black, blue, beige and green. Here’s the black dialed version which I suspect will out sell the rest of the color variants.

Cell phone shot – SNZG15K


For those who are interested, here’s the side profile of the watch.

SNZG07J – Side Profile

Below is the SNZG07J placed next to the SNX431K. Chapter ring aside, both watches have similar dials. Some may complain that the ‘5’ logo and ‘Sports’ inscription are not necessary as the make the dial of the SNZG07 look cluttered.   

For those who like big watches, the SNZG07 should be ideal for you. For me, I feel it’s a tad too big for a watch of this style. They could have made it 38-39mm with a standard minute chapter ring instead of the over sized one.

Weight wise, the SNZG07 is definitely heavier since it is bigger. You can feel its weight on your wrist. The SNX431 on the other hand is feather light and it allows you to get around the urban jungle with lesser weight on your wrist.

Click on the image to see full size picture.

The entire case of the SNX431 is matte finished except for the rim of its caseback which is polished. The SNZG07J however has polished finishing on the underside the case.

The straps are also different. The strap on the SNX431 is darker has nicer weaving patterns.

Strap at the top belongs to SNZG07J

One last pic before I end this post and return the watch.

Click on the image to see full size picture


SNZG07J, SNZG07K and SNZG15K in this post is provided by:


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