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Landmaster SBDW005 Review

Here’s a review of the Kinetic Landmaster posted on by calatravayang.
The original post was written in Chinese and I have obtained permission to translate it into English so that more people can read it. Here’s my "paragraph-by-paragraph", "line-for-line" and almost "word-for-word" translation.
In early February, I sat for two examinations that will have a significant impact on my future. Although I didn’t do well in one of the exams that I studied very hard for, I did managed to clear the other one unexpectedly. So, after much hesitation, I decided to place an order for this watch as a form of encouragement for myself.

The Prospex line is a family of sports watches under Seiko’s product lineup. Besides the Land, Sea and Air lineups, they have added Speed and some generic lineups. Among them, the Marinemaster has been on my wishlist for quite some time but after careful calculation, I am sure I won’t be getting it this year. Same goes for the Landmaster that I fell in love with subsequently. Besides, this watch has already been discontinued. 😦
I have thought of settling for a quartz diver but from what I saw at the watch shops, they are too big for my wrist and retail prices in Taiwan are really unacceptable to me. Just when I was about to drop the idea of buying a new watch, I chanced upon this particular model and placed an order for it without much hesitation even though I have yet to see it in person.

I received the watch before the Lunar New Year but was unable to take and share pictures of it as I had to work on night shift. As such, I had to wait till the CNY holidays before I could take some good pictures of it. And it turned out to be a perfect timing for me to use of my brother’s cutting edge gadget. (Yeoman: perhaps a digital SLR?)

First Impression


The feeling I had when I held the watch for the very first time was that it’s a sturdy and yet ‘not too heavy’ watch. Although it was meant to be a professional sports watch, it was made with far more attention to detail. Unlike the Brightz line that uses the proprietary Brightz titanium, Seiko chose to make this LM out of the traditional ‘dull’ colored titanium. Practicability aside, this is a more suitable choice of material at least when considering the overall style of the watch.
(Yeoman: yes, dull colored titanium gives the watch a more rugged look)  

Finely made rotating bezel

To function as a simple compass, the bezel had to be crowded with very fine numerals. However, the interaction of the indices, numerals as well as the polished and brushed surfaces was made with very high level of detail. One thing I must mention is that the bezel action gave me a deep impression when I first handled the Landmaster and Marinemaster. When rotated, it doesn’t ratchet like most watches but instead moves smoothly and yet feels just tight enough. However, this piece that I have showed some resistance after rotating the bezel for a while. Perhaps because it’s a new watch and needs further observation.   


To improve its legibility, the watch features big hour markers, hands as well as generous use of luminous material, just like the other professional sports watches. The finishing doesn’t match that of the GS, but nevertheless, you won’t be able to find any flaws with your naked eyes.

Watch case

Grand Seiko, my all time favorite watch comes with outstanding level of case polishing and this LM did gave me a pleasant surprise as well when I opened up the box. Although the watch case has mainly brushed finishing, there are some fine details on it that show the amount of thoughts that Seiko has put into the watch. In particular, this cutting on the lug is one the details that I like.  


The bracelet is the only part of the watch that has got polished surface. Nice or not, is all up to the individual but a little variation can make it seem less dull.  


To enhance its water resistance, the watch uses a one-piece monocoque case. Of course, this design comes with some inconvenience when servicing the watch but I don’t think it is a big issue for a watch that uses the Kinetic movement.
Seiko also provides caseback engraving service. Watch owners can engrave his bio data on the caseback and for me, I won’t be using this service for sure.

Actually, there are other areas that are worth introducing, such as the design of the useful bracelet extension clasp, but there isn’t enough time to do so today. Will followup when there is an opportunity to do so in future. 
A few more wrist shots:


Calatravayang is the moderator of the "Made In Germany" forum at Here’s another watch that he owns:



One response to “Landmaster SBDW005 Review

  1. 家明 22/02/2007 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks for your appreciation! This is just a brief review of my new baby. I may add some new points if I find later.
    BTW, it\’s a pity that the Lange 1 MOP shown at last is "my brother\’s", not mine.

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