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New Orient GMT – International model

Orient unveiled a new GMT model on its website yesterday. There are four colour variants.

This is an international model and is probably a replacement model for the discontinued model shown below. Both watches are powered by the same 46P40 movement but unlike the old model which has an inner rotating 24hr bezel controlled by crown at 4 o’clock, the new model has the 24hr markings incorporated into its compass bezel. Hence, there is no need for the additional crown. The new model also has a higher water resistance rating of 200m compared the old model which is rated to 100m. 

The combination of compass bezel, GMT feature and 200m watch resistance reminds me of Seiko’s Landmaster watches. The Orient has stainless steel case though.

Here’s the discontinued model:

Seiko Diver’s Watch 45th Anniversary

Seiko released a new shrouded diver (SBBN019) to commemorate the
45th anniversary of its diver’s watch. Included in the package is a
metal card that list out some of their landmark divers with many listed
as “world’s first”.

In the post below, I shall attempt to put a picture to each of the watches listed. Please let me know if I got any of them wrong.

New Arrivals at Big Time

The White Dolphin is now available at Big Time. It is powered by the 7C46 quartz movement. Only 300 pieces made.

For fans of digital watches, here are some Seiko Spirits. These are solar powered digital watches.


White Dial Starfish

Here’s a picture of a white dial Seiko Starfish diver that reader, pupuek from the Philippines shared with me on my blog (see comments in the blog entry below.

This is probably another white dial 200m diver in a long time, after the white Samurai. But unlike the Samurai, the Starfish did not create much impact in the market probably due to its unusual bezel design. 

Personally, I feel that the Starfish is a nice watch when the bezel and dial colours are matched correctly. This ss bezel and white dial combo looks perfect. Another variant that I like is the SKZ285. It has a full ticn coated case, black bezel and a black textured dial. 
Picture by vwbeetle

Seiko Fieldmaster SBDC011

Picked up the new Seiko Fieldmaster from Big Time recently. They managed to get a small shipment of these in. Next shipment will arrive at the end of the month.


Magazine picture

In our local watch forums, we sometimes joke about wearing diving watches but only use them when washing fish tanks. Here’s a picture of a Seiko featured in a local men’s magazine. Looks like the photoshop guy knows about this joke that’s why he chopped some fighting fishes in the picture.

Photo by fade_white
Here’s a picture of the watch I took at a retail shop a couple of months back. Model number is SKZ273 if I remember correctly. According to the dial, it is rated 200m but not Diver’s 200m.

Orient 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch – DT00002W

Orient celebrated its 60th Anniversary on 13th July 2010 and a “60th Anniversary” limited edition watch was released to commemorate the event. There are two variants of the watch, one with stainless steel case and another one with a gold(4 micron) plated case.

Each variant is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and I am privileged to be able to pick up the stainless steel variant.

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