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Seiko Diver’s Watch 45th Anniversary

Seiko released a new shrouded diver (SBBN019) to commemorate the
45th anniversary of its diver’s watch. Included in the package is a
metal card that list out some of their landmark divers with many listed
as “world’s first”.

In the post below, I shall attempt to put a picture to each of the watches listed. Please let me know if I got any of them wrong.


White Dial Starfish

Here’s a picture of a white dial Seiko Starfish diver that reader, pupuek from the Philippines shared with me on my blog (see comments in the blog entry below.

This is probably another white dial 200m diver in a long time, after the white Samurai. But unlike the Samurai, the Starfish did not create much impact in the market probably due to its unusual bezel design. 

Personally, I feel that the Starfish is a nice watch when the bezel and dial colours are matched correctly. This ss bezel and white dial combo looks perfect. Another variant that I like is the SKZ285. It has a full ticn coated case, black bezel and a black textured dial. 
Picture by vwbeetle

Seiko Fieldmaster SBDC011

Picked up the new Seiko Fieldmaster from Big Time recently. They managed to get a small shipment of these in. Next shipment will arrive at the end of the month.


Magazine picture

In our local watch forums, we sometimes joke about wearing diving watches but only use them when washing fish tanks. Here’s a picture of a Seiko featured in a local men’s magazine. Looks like the photoshop guy knows about this joke that’s why he chopped some fighting fishes in the picture.

Photo by fade_white
Here’s a picture of the watch I took at a retail shop a couple of months back. Model number is SKZ273 if I remember correctly. According to the dial, it is rated 200m but not Diver’s 200m.

Old Seiko quartz

Here is an old Seiko quartz that I saw recently. It came under the Young Sports Series according to the catalog.

It uses plastic bezel and comes with a screw in crown. From the catalog picture below, it can be seen that the owner has replaced the rubber strap with a ND Limit strap. I guess the original strap is no longer in production.

The serial number starts with ‘4’ so I guess it was from 1994.

The caseback says "Seiko Time Corp Singapore".

Here’s the stock photo.

Some pictures of the Fieldmaster by Isozakitokei

Isozakitokei has posted photos of the new Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster on their blog. Here is the one I plan to purchase.

SS Samurai at K2

For those in Singapore, if you are looking for a Seiko ss Samurai, let me give you a lobang. I saw one at K2 yesterday. Check it out if you are looking for one.

Fieldmaster wait not over yet

The Seiko Fieldmaster will be released in this month but I will be getting it next month. From what I heard, dealers’ cost will be higher in the month of release. After one month, dealers will then get the usual discount. This is roughly how it works. Some dealers choose to order after the one month period.

The wait is not over yet for me.

Seiko Ti diver from late 90’s

Saw this Seiko Titanium 200m diver last weekend. It was made in 1998 according to the serial number on the caseback. Owner said he bought this watch at two hundred plus Singapore dollars at that time and you can’t find this kind of deals for Seiko Ti divers these days.

He wanted to replace the bezel and was quoted SGD60.00 by Thong Sia. 

The model number is SKX403.  

Watch accessories sites

Sharing is caring. Today, I have two watch accessory sites to share with you. 

The first site is a strap maker site that is based in Singapore. It is run by a husband and wife team and their straps are hand made. For those in Singapore, if you are looking for a hand made strap or a customized strap, this may be the place you are looking for. They cater to oversea customers too.

The next site is a watch pouch owned by Ronald Malone from Indonesia. He makes watch pouches to protect watches from getting scratched when you carry them around. 

Ronald contact me via my WordPress blog. Please feel free to browse his site.

Note: I am not affiliated to the above sites.