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Orient Pocket Watch – CDD00001W

Orient released two pocket watches recently. One of them is the Royal Orient pocket watch in the Japanese market while the other is an international version as shown below.

At a diameter of 40mm across, this watch is probably smaller and hence lighter than most pocket watches. The watch comes with a handwind movement with power reserve indicator and stop second feature.


Here are the main features from Orient’s website:
  • It is equipped with a newly developed hand-winding movement Cal.48C40 with a power reserve indicator made by Orient Watch. (21600 rotation/hour, operation time of over 40 hours)
  • The power reserve hand always clearly shows the reserve power capacity.
  • A mechanism to halt the second hand allows the time to be set accurately.
  • The back cover is see-through, which allows observation of the precise movement.
  • The extremely robust exterior features an all stainless steel case and a chain.
  • Sapphire glass is used for both the front and back to ensure maximum protection against scratching while in the pocket.

As usual, here’s the price tag. (Price is in Singapore currency)

More info here:


Authorized Dealer of Orient watches in Singapore:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel:  6273 3355
Fax:  6278 8929


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