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Orient 60th Anniversary watch available at Big Time

For those in Singapore, I just want to let you know that the Orient 60th Anniversary watch is now available at Big Time. Shipment arrived this week and it is selling fast. I managed to pick up a piece today when I was there. If you want one, you need to act fast. Limited pieces left.

Here is a quick and dirty cellphone shot. Better pics to come later.


Orient 60th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Orient released a book as part of their 60th Anniversary celebration. For those in Singapore, Big Time@Sims Ave has a copy at their showroom. You can flip through it when you visit them next time.    

Clock at Singapore General Hospital

A family member was hospitalized recently and while at the hospital, I noticed that they have this clock installed all over the place. They probably have it on every floor in several ward blocks.

I got curious and took a close up photo of it. Under the clock, I saw a sticker which states that Thong Sia Company was responsible for the sales and service of the clocks (see second picture below). The brand of the clock is "Bodet" which is a UK company according to what I found on Google.

These clocks were installed prior to 2002 because the phone number on the sticker does not have the ‘6’ prefix. Singapore introduced the ‘6’ prefix to our phone numbers in 2002.

I wonder why didn’t the deal go to Seiko since they were installed by Thong Sia. As a Seiko fan, I pay special attention to clocks install at public places to see if I can spot one with the word "Seiko" on it. If you are also the same, then you, my friend, is also a Seiko fan who is fortunate enough to have discovered the great watches that Seiko makes.

Old Seiko quartz

Here is an old Seiko quartz that I saw recently. It came under the Young Sports Series according to the catalog.

It uses plastic bezel and comes with a screw in crown. From the catalog picture below, it can be seen that the owner has replaced the rubber strap with a ND Limit strap. I guess the original strap is no longer in production.

The serial number starts with ‘4’ so I guess it was from 1994.

The caseback says "Seiko Time Corp Singapore".

Here’s the stock photo.

First hand look at the Orient X STI limited edition watch

The Orient X STI collaborative watch is now available in Singapore and I had the opportunity to take a look at it. Please check out my post at the link below:


Orient X STI Limited Edition available in Singapore

For those in Singapore, the Orient X STI collaboration watch is now available at Big Time, the distributor of Orient watches in Singapore. This watch is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and only a small quantity is allocated to the SG market.


Another Orient Rectangular Watch

Here’s another Orient rectangular watch that I handled recently. Unlike the power reserve and open heart models, this is a basic model with day/date display at the 6 o’clock position. It has curved crystal and a loupe above the day/date display.


Some pictures of the Fieldmaster by Isozakitokei

Isozakitokei has posted photos of the new Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster on their blog. Here is the one I plan to purchase.

SS Samurai at K2

For those in Singapore, if you are looking for a Seiko ss Samurai, let me give you a lobang. I saw one at K2 yesterday. Check it out if you are looking for one.

Fieldmaster wait not over yet

The Seiko Fieldmaster will be released in this month but I will be getting it next month. From what I heard, dealers’ cost will be higher in the month of release. After one month, dealers will then get the usual discount. This is roughly how it works. Some dealers choose to order after the one month period.

The wait is not over yet for me.