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New Orient Shipment at Big Time

Paid a visit to Big Time last weekend to look at their new arrivals from Orient. This time, prices are better and definitely more competitive. Below are some of the watches I saw.

First, I would like to post this Orient Sub with sapphire crystal. This watch is the same size as the previous model but comes installed with a sapphire crystal. On this model, they have put the Orient logo on the dial and also included the ‘sapphire’ symbol.
Below is a comparison shot of the sapphire and non-sapphire model.

Non-sapphire(left) and sapphire model(right)

Next is the Classic Automatic Dual Time. This dual time watch is powered by a newly developed movement (48K40) that comes with stop second feature.

Visit the link below for more info.
Here’s another dial variant of the Classic Automatic Dual Time.
Next is the Sporty Automatic Japanese Engine model, CEZ05002B and CEZ05003B. I held every watch on my hand when taking these pictures and this is the most solid watch I handled that day. The dial is designed to looks like the dashboard of a car.

Click here for a Japanese Engine image.
Here’s another racing style watch under the Sport Automatic line. This one is much simpler as it does not come with sub-dials features. Instead, it shows it ‘engine’ through the windows on the dial. The watch comes on leather strap with contrasting stitches.  
Here’s another dial variant.
Orient is known for their multi-calendar watches and here’s a new one with slide rule. Quite classic looking. 
And here’s another style.

Here’s a watch that reminds me of the discontinued Seiko Samurai. It has the same sloping lugs and the knurled crown as the Samurai. 
For those who like tank watches, here’s a nice one for you.
In the ladies watch department, they have brought in the latest Fashionable Automatic model. The dial of the watch beautifully decorated with stars and has a small window in the shape of a quarter moon.   

For more info, go to the link below.

Previous Fashionable Automatic models are also back in stock. Here’s my attempt to capture the mother-of-pearl dial with my cell phone. 
Here’s another one that looks like the Seiko Samurai except it’s a ladies watch. For sporty ladies, this is another option for you.

Also back in stock are some of the popular models such as the 200m big Mako and the original Mako. Below are some of them.  
The AM/PM indicator watch. See link below for more info.

Last but not least, the Orient handwind pocket watch.
Seen at

Authorized Orient Distributor

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929


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