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A couple of weeks ago, I saw two Seiko S-Wave’s at a weekend flea market. There are a few S-Wave models and this particular model I saw (see pics below) has a case design that is very close to the vintage 6119 Sports 5.  They are pretty rare these days and I wouldn’t mind owning one even though they are using the 7S movement. Unfortunately, the two pieces I saw were not as ideal as I would want them to be. One of them was probably 70% condition but has the wrong bracelet. The price tag was S$150, a bit steep I thought. I didn’t try but I could have asked the seller to sell me just the watch head alone at a lower price. The other piece was cheaper at S$80 and had the correct bracelet. However, the case was badly refinished. It looks as though it was sandpapered by a four year old. The crystal was badly scratched as well. Definitely not worth purchasing.   
I once read on the SCWF that S-Wave = Silver Wave, a name that Seiko used for their sporty dress watches between the 60’s to 70’s. One or two years back, there were still NOS pieces of S-Wave’s available in Singapore but today is almost impossible to find them.
They came in several colors. The ones I saw had blue dial. Here’s are two pictures of the green dialed versions that I found on the Net. Notice that one of them has "S-Wave" on its dial while the other does not. I wonder why is that so.

Picture courtesy of Reto’s Poor Man Watch Corner

Picture courtesy of


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